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Underused Technology

Underused Technology in your Dental Practice

The latest Dental Products Report blog post, regarding underused technology in your dental practice, is the very reason the Dolphin Users Group was created.  Our goal is to not sell products, we want you to use the tools you already own and are not utilizing.  A few months back, we wrote a blog post with a similar message (HERE) and every tool we add is aimed at utilizing Dolphin to the extreme.

The timeliness of this post is quite interesting because most of the orthodontic companies roll out their new widgets next week at the 2015 AAO.  If you are looking to buy new technology for your practice, create a plan before making your purchase.  After your purchase, assign an individual, or a team, in your practice to execute your plan.

The beauty of Dolphin is your software can integrate, or bridge, into most technologies available to you and your team.  If you are not planning a purchase, create a plan to utilize more of the functionality in your Dolphin software.

These three technology investments routinely are underused in most practices. We spoke with three dental technology experts to find out why.

Source: The three most underused technologies in your practice | Dental Products Report