Management Webinars

Management Webinars

Dolphin Management Webinars

The series of Dolphin Management Webinars were created to help orthodontic offices utilize advanced functions and features of their software system.  Each video has been created by request and should apply to virtually every office utilizing the software.  Most of the features are free to you, as part of your Dolphin Service Club agreement, and some of the features are add-on modules for your system (they will be labeled as such).

My Orthodontist (as a Patient)

This video will walk you through the initial steps of adding a patient, online questionnaires, sharing Aquarium videos, and a patient setting up the application on his/her device.  Once a patient is added and they download the application, the verification and welcome e-mails are automatically sent by your software.  You do not have to do anything after adding the patient (unless you want to add questionnaires or Aquarium videos).

Zuelke Financial Module

The Zuelke Financial module is an add-on module that you can purchase for Dolphin Management.  This is a great module for any orthodontic practice, not just Zuelke clients, that want to have great financial letter templates, reports, and enhanced monitoring.  Owners and office managers love this module because all of the financial information is available in a few screens rather than a number of reports.

Ortho Essentials with Dolphin Management

The Oral-B Ortho Essentials program is a wonderful oral hygiene program that is more than a brush and it is now integrated with Dolphin Management.  All of the marketing, communication, and tracking materials that Oral-B provides as part of this program is now included with Dolphin Management at no fee to you.  That’s right, if you participate in the Oral-B Ortho Essentials program you have access to these tools right now.

Ortho4D with Dolphin Management

Ortho4D is a graphical treatment card that integrates exclusively with Dolphin Management.