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Dolphin Management Help

Dolphin Management is a full-featured orthodontic practice management system that enables you to efficiently manage and organize your practice flow, especially if you have high-volume, multiple locations and multiple practitioners. With consistent feature upgrades and improvements, Dolphin Management combines an easy-to-use interface with powerful features.

A lot of orthodontic practices are so busy working in their business that they fail to work on their business.  Utilizing the latest features of Dolphin Management will free up staff hours and will help offices achieve the growth that they desire.  By utilizing the power of your software system you can automate staff tasks, integrate your systems, and create a fantastic communication system.


Topaz Signature Pads

If you would like to implement signature pads into your office, please follow the attached instructions.

Topaz Signature Pad


Credit Card Payment Importing

You may not want to use our integrated credit card processors (for whatever reason), so we developed a way for you to use anyone you want.  It does require an extra step, but it is really easy to configure.

Payment Import Tutorial


Dolphin Management Shortcuts

If you like using shortcuts, this document is for you!  This gives you all of the shortcuts that you can use in Dolphin Management that may make your life easier.

Dolphin Management Shortcuts


Electronic Insurance Claims

This is a great addition to any practice.  If you would like to submit insurance claims electronically, you can contact Emdeon (Jenny Winters at 679-889-4923) or fill out the form below.

Emdeon FAQ

  Emdeon – Dolphin Registration Form


X-Charge Credit Card Integration

If you would like to have your credit card payments automatically applied to your patients ledger, this is what you would want.

X-Charge Flyer