Dolphin Aquarium Help

Dolphin Aquarium Help

Designed for interactive patient education and case presentation, Dolphin Aquarium is a dynamic communication tool that fully utilizes high-quality 3D graphics. It is designed to demonstrate common and complex topics including diagnostic findings, oral surgery and orthodontic procedures, appliance use, hygiene, and more..

Visualization is an effective educational tool. It promotes comprehension that eases communication with colleagues and patients of all ages. Dolphin Aquarium uses stunning 3D graphics to demonstrate the common and complex topics that are involved in diagnosis and treatment planning. Educated patients are more likely to exhibit a greater rate of case acceptance, and demonstrate a higher rate of compliance.

Advanced Dolphin Aquarium Presentation

You can view a presentation with step-by-step instructions.  This Dolphin Aquarium presentation was created by Dr. Paul Thomas.  If you own PowerPoint, download the presentation to view the videos.  It is a LARGE file, so it may take a minute to download.


Link Dolphin Aquarium Videos to your Patients

Some offices are using Aquarium as their informed consent…since you can track which videos are played.

Tx Card with Dolphin Aquarium