Free Dolphin Imaging Viewer Update

Dolphin Imaging Viewer


On June 26, 2016, Dolphin Imaging and Management solutions released a major update to My Orthodontist and AnywhereDolphin (see more information HERE).  This update is relevant to every Dolphin Imaging user in the world because it gives your referrals the ability to download patient images directly into the Free Dolphin Imaging Viewer.

How to use the Free Dolphin Imaging Viewer Update


Prerequisites:  If you would like to share Images with your referrals you must have a current Service Club Agreement AND an AnywhereDolphin account.  If you do not have an AnywhereDolphin account, you can create one by following the instructions found HERE.


1.  Have your referrals download the Free Dolphin Imaging viewer HERE.  The installation may take a few minutes and it may require the user to reboot their system to complete the setup.  This is done one time per computer.

Download Dolphin Imaging Viewer

2.  Once the software is installed, the Dolphin Viewer icon will be added to the users desktop.

Dolphin Viewer Icon


3.  Open the Dolphin Viewer and you will be greeted with a blank screen with a few Icons and Menu options.

Dolphin Imaging Viewer Screen


4.  You can go to File and choose the “Download Patient Archive from AnywhereDolphin…” option:

Dolphin Imaging Viewer File Menu


You can click on the orange button to initiate the patient download:

Dolphin Imaging Viewer AnywhereDolphin Icon


5.  After either of these two options are chosen, the user will be prompted to enter their AnywhereDolphin credentials.

AnywhereDolphin Login


6.  The software will ask the user where they want to save the files.  More than likely the default will be fine and the user can hit OK.  This is done one time per computer.

Viewer Download Location


7.  After the file location is chosen, the user can choose a patient file to download from a list of individuals shared with them.


AnywhereDolphin Patient List


8.  When the user chooses the patient they want to download, they can see the download progress in the lower left-hand corner.


Dolphin Imaging Viewer Download Status

Dolphin Imaging Viewer Loading Patient


9.  Once the archive is loaded, the user can view any image shared with them (including x-rays, ceph tracings, VTO’s, and 3D files).


Dolphin Imaging Viewer Patient Viewer


Dolphin Imaging Viewer Ceph Tracing


If you share a 3D file, the user can click on the “cube” icon and Dolphin 3D will launch.

Dolphin Imaging Viewer 3D


We have added an AnywhereDolphin patient sharing wizard to Dolphin Imaging 11.9.  This wizard does not require you to log into your AnywhereDolphin account to share a patient record with your referrals.  Though 11.9 is currently in “beta” status, you can reach out to your Dolphin Imaging representative and get the new functionality today.

Let us know your experience with this new feature and how you are using it in your office.