Dolphin Mobile v4   Recently updated !



Dolphin Mobile version 4 is released!

Chatsworth, CA, October 2016 — Dolphin Mobile version 4 will be available for download from the App Store and Google Play on the morning of Wednesday, October 26. This latest release features an interface redesign plus new features and performance enhancements. Global refinements and changes include new icons; buttons; navigation; and organization. The goal is an all-around better user experience.

The development technology of the app has also been upgraded, better positioning us technically to respond to the rapidly changing mobile product landscape. This upgrade applies to both the iOS and Android platforms. An additional benefit is the feature set of Dolphin Mobile iOS and Dolphin Mobile Android are now identical and will stay in sync going forward, including Super Questionnaire which is now available on all phones, tablets and iPads.

For more information about Dolphin Mobile, visit here.

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