Image Resolution
Image resolution is probably the last thing most people think about when it comes to taking pictures.  We have been led to believe that you should find a camera with the highest megapixel rating (i.e. image resolution), within your budget, to produce the highest quality images.  Unfortunately, this may not be the case and it […]

Image Resolution

E-Mail to SMS
    In the past, we have discussed a number of advanced ways to utilize SMS messaging through Dolphin’s SMS service (more details HERE).  Dolphin’s SMS service allows you to send appointment reminders, financial reminders, birthday messages, payment reminders, treatment reminders, or just about anything else you would like to communicate to patients, billing parties, […]

SMS Messaging

  Dolphin on a Tablet How can you implement tablets into your Orthodontic practice?  Can you utilize Dolphin on a tablet?  These are questions you have likely asked yourself or may ask yourself in the near future.  Tablet PC’s have been around for roughly 15 years but only became a mainstream device when Apple released the […]

Dolphin on a Tablet

Dolphin Software Rebate
  Dolphin Software Rebate The Dolphin Software Rebate, also known as the Catch the Wave Rebate, is a way to earn money back on your Dolphin Imaging & Management software purchase.   The Dolphin Software Rebate has 3 options for software purchases of all types and sizes. Three Dolphin Software Rebate Options Option 1 – 15% […]

Dolphin Software Rebate

Dolphin Mobile
  Dolphin Mobile version 4 is released! Chatsworth, CA, October 2016 — Dolphin Mobile version 4 will be available for download from the App Store and Google Play on the morning of Wednesday, October 26. This latest release features an interface redesign plus new features and performance enhancements. Global refinements and changes include new icons; […]

Dolphin Mobile v4

  On June 26, 2016, Dolphin Imaging and Management solutions released a major update to My Orthodontist and AnywhereDolphin (see more information HERE).  This update is relevant to every Dolphin Imaging user in the world because it gives your referrals the ability to download patient images directly into the Free Dolphin Imaging Viewer. How to […]

Free Dolphin Imaging Viewer Update

Microsoft Update
  Last night Microsoft released an update for Windows 8.1 (KB3097877) and it seems to have caused an issue with the Treatment Card in Dolphin Management. If you are having issues today, please uninstall this update.   Uninstalling Windows Updates Once you get into Windows you can just head to Programs and Features and then […]

Security Update for Windows 8.1 (KB3097877) with Dolphin Management

New Patient Protocol Do you have a protocol when a new patient calls your practice and is added to your system?  If so, is each step clearly defined to ensure every new patient has the same experience?  Do you have a way to ensure each step was taken with each patient?  We would like to […]

New Patient Protocol

Unused Technology
Underused Technology in your Dental Practice The latest Dental Products Report blog post, regarding underused technology in your dental practice, is the very reason the Dolphin Users Group was created.  Our goal is to not sell products, we want you to use the tools you already own and are not utilizing.  A few months back, […]

Underused Technology in Your Practice | Dental Products Report

3D Study Models Dolphin Imaging has created a new module for offices utilizing intra-oral scanners for digital models.  Until now, dental offices would have to launch another piece of software to view the 3D study models created by their IO Scanner.  Dolphin 3D Study Models allows you to store, manipulate, measure, and mirror your IO scans […]

3D Study Models

Free Dolphin Imaging Viewer Sharing patient information, stored within Dolphin Imaging, just got easier with our FREE Dolphin Imaging Viewer.  The free Dolphin Imaging Viewer allows your patients and referrals to install a simple program that gives them the ability to view every photo, x-ray, ceph tracing, and 3D/CBCT scan in a record.  The installation and […]

Share Patient Information with the Free Dolphin Imaging Viewer

Did you know that you have access to Dolphin Imaging webinars with your Dolphin Service Club?  If not, create an account at (Instructions can be found HERE) and use the webinars to further educate yourself and your teams.  You can even create secondary accounts for your staff that do not allow access to your account […]

New Dolphin Imaging Webinars