Dolphin Users Group

The Dolphin Users Group was created to help share thoughts and ideas from office to office, state to state, and country to country.  Whether you are a Dolphin User, Dolphin Imaging, Dolphin Management, Dolphin Aquarium, Dolphin Mobile, AnywhereDolphin, or are interested in new dental technology, please register and share your expertise with our community.  

Though each office is unique, we all fall victim to buying technology that we do not need, we stick with the status quo because it is easy, or we fail to utilize the technology we already own.  It is the goal of this community to reduce learning curves, increase efficiency, improve patient care, and ultimately save everyone money.

2016 AAO Dolphin Imaging & Management Video

Check out what’s new with Dolphin Imaging and Management at the 2016 AAO conference.

Why should YOU Join the Dolphin Users Group

A vast majority of Dolphin Users are only scraping the surface of what their software system can truly do.  Implementing a robust system into a practice should be viewed as a process rather than an event.  Dental practices need to create a plan of action and choose the functionality that will increase the patient experience and eliminate redundant tasks.  Utilizing every function in your software, overnight, is not a practical goal.  

The Dolphin Users Group was created to help offices pick and choose which functions benefit their practice the most.  Only YOU can place value on a module, service, technology, or system.        

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